Why use Breland Group Property Management? It's simple, our team has been managing Louisville area real estate for over two decades.....no one knows the market better than we do. Our primary goal is to increase the net operating Income of your real estate asset while protecting and enhancing its value through prudent property management. For more information, contactl Lamont Breland at 502-741-1861 or LB@brelandgroup.com.

Our services include:

Single-family home management & leasing
Rents are collected and deposited in to a to our operatng account. Seceruity deposits are deposited in to a seperate account. Maintenance requests are processed for completion. Funds are distributed to the owner along with a monthly operating financial report showing actual receipts and expenditures.

Multi-Family/Apartment management & leasing
All rents collected are deposited into our operating account and all seceruity deposits are deposited in to a seperate account. and all operating disbursements are under budgeted controls. Monthly operating financial reports are issued to the owners showing actual receipt and expenditures compared to budgeted receipts and expenditures.

Condominium Association management

  Condominium Association managment services are provided by Bill Stout Properties through our partnership referral network. Bill Stout Properties has extensive experience in the condominiums/patio home arena. For more information, please visit billstoutproperties.com or contact Bill Stout at 637-7368 ext. 237 or necetia@billstoutproperties.

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