Join the Team

Do you feel like you're working too hard and not keeping enough of what you earn? Are you paying your broker for services that, if trained properly, you could easily do for yourself? Our business model has been developed to help you be profitable by consistently providing the tools that will help you grow professionally and personally. We will also reward you for helping us build our team.

As you already know, the real estate industry is changing, daily! Technology alone has changed the real estate industry like none other; the internet, Facebook, video, blogs, etc., have redefined our business and if we don't keep up, we'll be left behind. The good news is that the market is changing, for the better! Listings are down and sales are up. But for most brokers, they have not changed and have to charge high splits, because they have too much overhead, caught up in doing things the way they've always been done. It's want vs. need and if you really need someone to set up your appointments, load your listings, etc., take what you save with us and hire an assistant, at least then you have a choice.

My vision is to develop not just a company, but a culture where people are developed, goals are achieved, and lives are continually improved at home, at work, and in the community, and to do it in a way that is profitable, yet fair.

To achieve this we work as a team, working efficiently, embracing technology and not being afraid of change or of new ideas. We place our integrity ahead of profit and provide service to both our clients and associates at such a level that it creates lifetime relationships.

If your vision is similar to mine and you would like to discuss in more detail the possibility of being a part of our team, please e-mail or call me at (502) 741-1861 to arrange a confidential meeting. I'm excited about the changes in our industry and the opportunities that they're creating and hope you are as well.

Either way, I wish you nothing but the best in all that you do and hope to do.

Best Regards,


Lamont Breland
Principal Broker

Breland Group Realtors